How to Start This Diet

The Optavia Diet is comprised of different phases. A certified coach will educate you on the steps you need to undertake to follow this regimen. Considering those new to this diet, below are some of the matters you need to know when starting this diet regimen.

How to Manage This Diet

During this phase, people are encouraged to consume 800 to 1,000 calories to help them shed at least 12 pounds within the next 12 weeks. For instance, if you are following the 5&1 Optavia Diet Plan, you must eat one meal every 2 or 3 hours and include a 30-minute moderate workout on most days of your week. During this phase, you must consume 100 grams of carbs daily.

Further, consuming Lean and Green meals is highly encouraged. It involves eating 5 to 7 ounces of cooked lean proteins, three servings of non-starchy vegetables, and two healthy fats. This phase also encourages the dieter to include one optional daily snack, such as ½-cup sugar-free gelatin, three celery sticks, and 12 ounces of nuts. Aside from these things, below are other things that you need to remember when following this phase:

  • Ensure that the portion size recommendations are for cooked weight and not the raw one of your ingredients.
  • Opt for meals that are baked, grilled, broiled, or poached. Avoid frying foods, as this will increase your calorie intake.
  • It would help to consume at least two servings of fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These include tuna, salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, and other cold-water fishes.
  • Choose meatless alternatives like tofu and tempeh.

Follow the program even when you are dining out. Keep in mind that drinking alcohol is discouraged when following this plan.

How to Maintain the Desired Results

The next phase is the transition stage when you reach your weight goals. It is a 6-week stage that involves increasing your calorie intake to 1,550 daily. You can add more varieties to your meal, such as whole grains, low-fat dairy, and fruits. After six weeks, you can move into the 3&3 Optavia Diet plan, so you must eat three Lean and Green meals and 3 Fueling foods.


What’s the Diet of Optavia?

A typical diet plan for weight loss involves consuming pre-packaged and home-cooked meals. The business sells food products called ‘fuelings’ that provide a selection of foods you can choose from. You also get access to one-on-one coaching and other resources throughout the process.

Three different program options are available, which include:

  1. 5&1 (5 fuels daily and 1 ‘lean and green ‘home-cooked meal consisting of lean protein and non-starchy vegetables).
  2. 4&2&1 (4 burners, 2 meals, and a snack) 3&3 (3 burners and 3 meals).
  3. Weight reduction plans are 5&1 and 4&2&1, while 3&3 is a weight-maintenance plan.

What kinds of foods do you eat on Optavia?

Optavia offers over 60 different ‘fueling’ pre-packaged food products: shakes, bars, soups, pasta, potatoes, mac and cheese, brownies, and more. You can also learn to cook your own ‘lean and green’ recipes, depending on the protein source, consisting of a lean protein, a non-starchy carbohydrate, and healthy fats. Milk, grains, and fruits are also made possible by two of the three Optavia programs.

How much do you eat on a diet called Optavia?

Optavia focuses on eating every two to three hours, an effective practice that will help you maintain a healthy weight. You would have one food component per meal/snack called a ‘fueling’ that includes a low number of calories and how much food per serving is concerned. About the same amount of calories are found in all food products.

Is it effective for weight loss with the Optavia diet?

Besides program funding and other great tools, Optavia is an important weight loss choice because of the low-calorie tailored plans. On the other hand, you’ve got to adopt a curriculum that suits you the best. Because of the slowing of the metabolism and often increased cravings, there were a few recorded downsides to Optavia, such as regaining weight. However, dieting and holding weight off can be a lifelong lifestyle shift, and many individuals do not adhere to a fitness regime.

Does Optavia have side effects that are possible?

For nursing mothers, teenagers, highly active people, and those with health conditions such as severe caloric restriction, the very low-calorie 5&1 alternative is not recommended and may have adverse effects. Other adverse side effects may be attributed to pre-packaged foods, such as stomach irritation if eaten in large amounts and potentially long-term effects.

Like Medifast, is Optavia the same?

Optavia is a subsidiary of Medifast, and although identical, a new range of ‘clean label’ products has been rebranded as the former.