Download Ultimate Guide With 30-Day Caveman Diet Plan (PDF)

Download Ultimate Guide With 30 Day Caveman Diet Plan (PDF)

“Discover How Eating Like A Caveman Will Cause You To Lose Huge Amounts Of Weight And Do It Without Changing The Foods You Eat…”

Finally, the facts have been exposed on intermittent fasting. Simple, short periods of fasting will cause your body to burn fat and have more energy.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting my site. You’re probably looking for a weight loss program and a way to get the fat off your body. You may have heard of the Caveman Diet and were curious about the article.

I am the Admin of, and I am the one who wrote the Caveman Diet to help people understand how they can lose weight using a straightforward concept known as intermittent fasting. You can drop a lot of weight with a few flexible eating times and a little weight training.

You probably think I must have made a mistake when using the word ‘fasting,’ but I did. Your metabolism will not slow, and your body won’t eat your muscles to survive. You will not suffer in any way.

Download Ultimate Guide With 30 Day Caveman Diet Plan (PDF)
Download Ultimate Guide With 30 Day Caveman Diet Plan (PDF)

You’ll lose weight quickly in a straightforward process. This may sound counter-intuitive because you’ve probably heard that starvation mode is terrible and that you should eat smaller meals more often.

So, what is the deal with the Caveman Diet that requires you to follow periods of intermittent fasting? This will likely create starvation mode, and you won’t drop a pound.

The fact is that this “truth” really isn’t that true. The weight loss industry has a way of twisting the facts to make it sound good. They believe you must eat to lose weight, which never seemed to make sense. A lot of people have been convinced that it is true.

The weight loss industry makes billions of dollars yearly on weight loss. They have a gimmick and strategy every week that will change how you lose weight.

A lot of these programs will work. It’s true, but many people overlook the first eight weeks. After eight weeks, things become too hard to maintain. Life starts to get in the way of a plan that takes up too much of your time. You can’t spend your free time planning and preparing meals.

Listen, you don’t need to plan and eat obsessively. It’s just over the top. The Caveman Diet is designed to be straightforward with your life. This program helps people lose weight and burn fat because you don’t have to spend endless time preparing.

Download 30 Day Caveman Diet Plan PDF

I created the Caveman Diet to be something different. I know how people are psychologically, and the less time you have to invest in weight loss, the higher the chances of your success. There is no need to plan six meals daily when you can use that time for something else.

“I’m wearing a pair of jeans

I haven’t had on since high school!”

Hey Dear,

I’m wearing a pair of jeans I haven’t had on since high school! What I find most amazing is the toned look I have. I’d been on many other diets, and over the long term, I got nowhere.

I have the next two weeks off for vacation, and the coolest thing is that I’ll be doing the Caveman Diet while on the beach. It’s easy enough for a vacation.

Jane Lockwood


“I’ve been able to drop from 162lbs to 133lbs in just three months!”

Dear, I’m down almost 30 pounds!

I had the privilege of using the Caveman Diet, which completely changed how I ate. I suddenly understood what was great for eating and how to determine when I wasn’t hungry anymore. I could even identify the foods that didn’t settle well with my body.

I feel like a whole new person. My energy levels have skyrocketed, and my workouts have been quite productive. The most interesting part is that I’m not getting cranky, stressed out, and short with my friends and family.

Well, I will start fasting for 24 hours tonight and don’t even need to set a time. I know when I should be fasting.

I’ve dropped from 162 lbs to 133 lbs in just three months! This has been my most successful weight loss ever.

Thank you for this amazing research,


“I just feel so much better with this

the program and my confidence is going up.”

The Caveman Diet was the best investment I made because it was my revolution regarding how I eat. I spent many years following the “conventional wisdom” of weight loss, and I had nothing more than inconsistent results. I was doing everything right, but I still needed help.

The results produced some okay results, keeping me doing it, but I felt wrong doing it. It just didn’t sit right having my body digesting food for the entire day. I just needed a break from food. Once I saw the Caveman Diet and the intermittent fasting behind it, I knew that this was an approach I sought.

I read the entire program the first night I got it and started the next morning. It was as simple as it got, and I was happy with the energy and time it gave me.

The amazing thing about the program is that I could get past some of the plateaus I was experiencing in other weight loss programs. I feel much better with this program, and my confidence is increasing. Once you see stubborn fat melt away with ease, you get excited in the pit of your stomach.

I want to thank you, dear because this has changed me. You got me to the place I’ve struggled to achieve for years.

Jon Regan

“I’m wearing a pair of jeans

I haven’t had on since high school!”


I will admit that I was one of the most skeptical people. This intermittent fasting, taking off 24 hours from eating, never really sat well with me.

I’d have breakfast before work, and I was starving before lunch. There was no possible way any normal person could wait a full 24 hours.

I decided to get the Caveman Diet and take advantage of your money-back guarantee. I had to prove that this didn’t work, and I knew I’d get my money back. But I was the one proven wrong. I never realized how simple it can be when you stop relying on food constantly. I’m even more productive when I’m fasting. It’s like my body works better.

There was one thing that this weight loss program did for me that I never expected. I was able to concentrate. My mind drifts at work all the time. I drink about 2 liters of soda at work daily, and I’m constantly browsing the web. I have so much more concentration. I get most of my day’s work done in the first half.

This is the easiest diet that I’ve ever tried. It’s something that is simple and requires little thought on my part. I can still go to the restaurant with my buddies and have a productive workout at the gym.

You’ve changed the way I think about my body. I’m excited to see where this leads me in the future.


Andrew Ziggler

United Kingdom

“I’ve had more success now without counting

a calorie and without the guilt of cheating.”

Hi Dear,

I came across the Caveman Diet after a few years of weighing & measuring myself and counting every calorie I put in my mouth. I had notebooks of everything I’d eaten and at what time for years. I was just burnt out from doing this for so long.

Your research has changed the way that I think about eating. I’ve had more success now without counting a calorie and without the guilt of cheating. I just put faith in the process you laid out, and it worked.

Every time someone tells me about an amazing way to lose weight, I’ll have one response for them; The Caveman Diet.

Zack Yana

Los Angeles

I have spent most of my life engaged in nutrition and the science of stripping fat off my body. I’ve gone down a long road but eventually created the Caveman Diet.

I have my bachelor’s degree in nutrition, so I know the academic views on how you should be eating. I learned the actual science that shows you need to eat fewer calories than you use. You can’t hide the facts when you have a science textbook in front of you.

After leaving university, I decided to take a much different approach. All my friends went on to be dietitians, but I was more interested in business. I ended up consulting with supplement companies on their product. I’ve seen the ins and outs of the weight loss industry.

Supplements sound like good things because they claim to provide a lot of help. But once you’ve DESIGNED A PRODUCT FOR THE MARKET, you have yet to learn what is happening.

I spent a lot of time in foreign countries looking for cures for obesity. I bounced around the globe on the dime of a multimillion-dollar business. I had access to the world’s most sophisticated technologies and physiology equipment during that time—things you’ll only find in the top Universities in the world.

I did some of the most detailed tests on the body of top athletes and bodybuilders. I could watch their body as they changed eating patterns and weight loss programs.

This was cutting-edge.

The studies I constructed during this time inevitably caused me to leave the industry and pursue more university studies on the anatomy of human beings.

The main reason this happened was that the experiments I did had much different results than what I was expecting. I soon realized that to fully understand nutrition’s role in weight loss, I’d have to get a more fundamental understanding of the body and how food works with it.

The Caveman Diet was created from my research after I returned to school and put the fundamentals to work with my experiments.

This is my research on ‘intermittent fasting’ and the application of it for weight loss. What you’re getting from me is an easy-to-read version of my educational research.

WOW! WHAT A DEAL – I paid a lot of money to go to university, and I’m essentially giving away what I’ve learned for a tiny fraction of the price.

Not only have I studied all this at University, but I also do bodybuilding. I’ve had the privilege of competing in contests.
I’ve always enjoyed hitting the weights. I had an addition to it. When I created the Caveman Diet, I ensured it would drop a single pound of muscle on my body. If it did, I would have never used it.
I’m a unique character with quite a diverse background. You’re not going to find anyone else who has worked within the weight loss industry but also had the chance to research and develop techniques with state-of-the-art testing. I’ve taken years to study the effects of intermittent fasting, and I’ve also been training in bodybuilding this entire time.

I’m one of only a handful of people with this type of background. This background led to the creation of the Caveman Diet, unlike any other article on the market.

The Caveman Diet will not restrict certain types of food or nutrients, nor does it have special rules on the food you can and cannot eat. It will show you the easiest way to lose weight with simple scientific facts to back it up.

Here are the benefits of the Caveman Diet:

  • You Don’t Need To Plan Out Your Diet Each Day. I used to have to plan out what I would eat on paper. I’d spend more time working on my diet than actually exercising. Counting calories was the absolute worst part about this. The Caveman Diet will put an end to this sort of thing.
  • Your Metabolism Will Go Fast, And You Won’t Go Into Starvation Mode. All my research has shown that when you do intermittent fasting, with short periods of fasting, you will never end up in starvation mode. Your metabolism will run fast, and your body will target fat to consume.
  • You Won’t Have Mood Swings And Irritability. People assume they’ll get cranky, dizzy, and feel bad if they don’t eat. This is false. You’ll feel lighter and have more energy. The Caveman Diet will put your food addiction to rest.
  • You Can Go To Restaurants (Yes, Even McDonald’s). The Caveman Diet provides flexibility. Just because you want to lose weight doesn’t mean you must give up time with friends and family by avoiding restaurants. You have the freedom to choose what and where you eat.
  • You Are Going To Save $$$. Supplements that claim to do amazing things are all useless. The Caveman Diet doesn’t require you to buy any of this junk. You can stick with the food you like.
  • Your Body Will Target Fat For Burning. The Caveman Diet is designed to offer you the natural hormones that cause the body to specifically target the fat on your body to burn.
  • You Don’t Need Weird Foods or Supplements. Any weight loss program that needs you to eat weird things won’t work. You eat what is expected.
  • You’ll Have Energetic Workouts. Eating every few hours makes it harder to work out. Your body will constantly be digesting, and that requires blood. With the Caveman Diet, your body will be focused 100% on the workout.
  • You Will Lose Pure Fat. The Caveman Diet will allow you to lose weight consistently over time, and that weight will be essential body fat.
  • You Won’t Have To Give Up Carbs or Fat. Just remember the idea of eating protein or foods that are low in fat. My approach is something that works in the real world with the real food we eat.
  • You Don’t Need High Amounts Of Protein. Stop wasting your time eating endless amounts of protein to lose weight. There is no reason for this. Say goodbye to it with the Caveman Diet.
  • You Don’t Have To Do Any Cleansing. This is a weight loss program for intermittent fasting. This is based on natural science, not the misinformation of new-age concepts.
  • You Can Follow Any Eating Style You Want. With the Caveman Diet, I won’t tell you to want to eat. You can eat whatever you feel like.
  • You Will Be More Productive. Other diets will put you in a cycle of productive and unproductive times. This will no longer happen with intermittent fasting.
  • You Will Be More Energized. The Caveman Diet isn’t going to make you cranky or tired. It will make you more alert and energized.

You will be blown away when you realize the Caveman Diet’s simplicity and ease. This sounds too good to be accurate, but it’s based on solid scientific facts.
After I created my first rough draft of the Caveman Diet, I gave it to a friend who has tried many of the popular weight loss diets on the market. After reading it, she returned to me the next day and said, “It can’t be this simple?” Well, it is that simple, and it’s straightforward to apply.
I’m happy intermittent fasting has gotten much more press over the last few months. I’m confident this eating style will grow over the next few years. Soon, most people will be doing the Caveman Diet. After you digest the contents of this book, you’ll never need any other program on the market.