Disadvantages of the South Beach Diet That No One Will Tell You 

Disadvantages of the South Beach Diet That No One Will Tell You 

It would be unrealistic if this post told you that there were no cons or setbacks involved when you take on the South Beach Diet. Now that the last chapter has gone over the advantages of the South Beach Diet, this chapter will look at some of the disadvantages you should be aware of before adhering to this diet plan. Of course, this information is not meant to deter you from engaging with the Diet entirely; instead, it should provide you with information that can inform and prepare you for the Diet so that maximum results are possible. After reading this chapter, you will understand what you’re getting into when you decide to take on the South Beach Diet. 

Disadvantage 1 of the South Beach Diet: Exclusion of Many Carbohydrates

If you live on a carbohydrate diet, the South Beach Diet may be difficult to sustain over the short term. Your body will have to wean itself off the carbohydrates you’re taking daily to see results while on this Diet. Carbohydrates are what fuel the body and keep it energized. If you take away carbohydrates from the body too quickly and are constantly eating them, you will feel fatigue, dehydration, and a general sense of weakness. To compensate for this potential feeling of lethargy, gently weaning yourself off carbohydrates might be a good idea before starting the South Beach Diet. This way, you are shocking your body less and can create the South Beach Diet on a more positive foot. 

Disadvantage 2 of the South Beach Diet: The Exclusion of Fruits 

There are a few diets out there that are going to ask that you exclude fruits from your Diet. Of course, the complete elimination of fruits is only for the first two weeks while on the South Beach Diet, but this is still obscure as diets go. While you are not allowed to eat fruits in the first phase of the South Beach Diet, the second and third phases will let you do so. Below is a list of the approved fruits that you can eat later while on the South Beach Diet: 

  • Apples 
  • Applesauce, only once a week 
  • Apricots 
  • Blueberries 
  • Cantaloupe 
  • Cherries
  • Cranberries
  • Grapefruit 
  • Grapes 
  • Kiwi
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Mango
  • Nectarine
  • Orange
  • Papaya
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Pineapple 
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberries 
  • Strawberries 
  • Boysenberries 

As you can see from this list, this is only a partial list of all fruits that exist in the world. On the South Beach Diet, you’re prohibited from eating fruits such as watermelon, bananas, figs, dates, raisins, prunes, or canned fruit. Both excellent and bad fruits are listed on the South Beach Diet, and following these restrictions to the fullest extent is essential. Otherwise, you will likely not see the results you’re hoping for. On the other hand, who wants to go around avoiding fruit while they’re dieting? This is why the prohibition of fruits while on the South Beach Diet is seen as a disadvantage to the Diet itself; however, when you eliminate fruits, you will see weight loss because all fruits are loaded with carbohydrates and sugar.

Disadvantage 3 of the South Beach Diet: You Can’t Go Back to Your “Normal” Eating Habits 

Again, this disadvantage is only a negative if you’re not looking to change your diet and eating habits over the long term. The South Beach Diet is prepping you to overhaul your eating habits completely. If you’re overweight, it’s apparent that you’re not eating in the healthiest way possible for yourself. There is simply no way you’ll lose weight and keep it off unless you completely change what you’re eating daily. This includes removing many saturated fats we discussed in the previous chapter. If you think the South Beach Diet is a “temporary” solution that will provide you with long-term results, this logic is false and not actual. 

Disadvantage 4 of the South Beach Diet: It Does Not Necessarily Promote an Active Lifestyle 

If you don’t supplement the South Beach Diet with a lot of protein, it will be difficult for you to work out regularly. Of course, the idea that carbohydrates make up your ability to work out and feel strong during the workout is not entirely accurate; protein is also essential. However, consuming carbohydrates to supplement the South Beach Diet with a hardcore workout regimen would be best. How do you go about reconciling the need to work out and the need for carbohydrates at the same time? You are advised not to work out during the first two weeks of the South Beach Diet during phase one. The simple fact is that you will feel too “out of it”, and working out while you’re not consuming any carbohydrates is unhealthy. After the first two weeks of the Diet, you should start working out if you want to, but you must ensure that you’re eating the allotted amount of daily fruits and carbohydrates recommended by the Diet. 

Another way to think about working out while on the South Beach Diet is the idea that food should be used as fuel rather than for pleasure. This is what the South Beach Diet is promoting. You need to be careful not to over-do your workout routine while you’re on the South Beach Diet because you do need to sustain a certain number of calories per day to live a healthy and robust life; however, you can certainly get away with eating the specified amount of carbohydrates and fruit throughout the day if you are being moderately active instead of intensely active. 

Disadvantage 5 of the South Beach Diet: Pricier than Other Types of Diets 

If you’re used to mainly eating pasta or other grains, then you know these foods are pretty inexpensive. The South Beach Diet relies on protein found in meats and dairy products. Meat, in particular, is more expensive than pasta, rice, and bread, so if you’re already on a tight budget, you may find that the Diet will not be effective for you from a cost perspective. If you think you will skimp on your meat intake during the South Beach Diet to save some money, this is not a good idea. The South Beach Diet relies heavily on meat, and if you’re already eliminating starch, what do you plan on eating? If you don’t have the budget to buy a lot of heart regularly, then it’s safe to say that you should not attempt the South Beach Diet. 

Along these same lines, if you’re vegetarian, you are not recommended to attempt the South Beach Diet. As was already mentioned, the South Beach Diet heavily relies on meat. What do you plan to eat besides vegetables if you’re trying to cut out carbohydrates while not eating meat? Beans are undoubtedly high in protein but will not give you the energy to feel satisfied and full throughout the day. If you’re a vegetarian, then the South Beach Diet will probably not find you much success. It’s as simple as that. 

Disadvantage 6 of the South Beach Diet: It’s a Commitment 

It’s somewhat illogical to think that the South Beach Diet will be a piece of cake or a walk in the park. The South Beach Diet requires constant dedication because you’ll likely be engaging in a diet that is foreign to your body. When you eliminate many types of foods from the Diet that you’re regularly used to, the result may be that you start to think about food nonstop. Instead of being able to go about your day with relative ease, you will notice your cravings, your level of irritation over feeling hungry, and the desire for more food in your body. If you’re not prepared for these types of feelings and frustrations from the onset of the South Beach Diet, then it’s likely that you will quit when the going gets tough. Prepare yourself mentally for the South Beach Diet; you’ll be more likely to see your desired results.