1600 Calories A Day Diet Meal Plan PDF

The role model of many women today is the anorexic look. Consequently, when one’s look does not conform to this, the implication is that they are too stout with many body flabs in different parts of the body. Women think of different ways to lose weight – diet pills, fab diets and some kinds of surgical procedure. However these are not the best; perhaps you can consider the 1600 calorie diet program.

1600 Calories A Day Diet Meal Plan PDF

The ways wherein you lose weight drastically can be harmful to your body. Following the rules of the 1600 calorie diet, you can achieve your desired weight in a healthy manner. With this low calorie diet regimen, you lose weight permanently and slowly. This is safe as this requires you to eat the right foods in the right proportions.

1600 calorie diet is not a scam

If you research, you will reckon the many different kinds of diet plans, among these could be the 1200 and the 1600 calorie programs for dieters. These two are both safe and good ways to lose weight. They only differ in the number of calories to be taken in every day. Will you ingest 1200 or 1600 calories?
In the event that you lose 5 to 10 pounds in just a couple of weeks, it may be that the diet program you are using is a kind of scam. The fab diets can make you lose weight fast but in the end, you will regain the lost weight in no time. This is shortcut and not like the 1600 calorie diet plan that is a better way but does not happen overnight.

Download 1600 Calorie Diet Plan PDF

Components of the 1600 calorie diet plan

Under the low calorie diet plan where you ingest only 1600 calories, you are sure to take in adequate nutrients that are required by your body for its daily functionality. All you need to do is know what food groups constitute a complete meal. Starting from the most staple, you need to include grains. The type is the whole kind thereby refraining from using processed grains. If your source of carbohydrates is flour products, you should also avoid using the white processed flour which can cause insulin disorders that will result to diabetes. Cakes and other baked and sweet products contain butter and margarine; they then have trans fats as well as saturated fats that can lead to stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Food groups for low calorie diet plans

Most women utilize the 1200 calorie diet plan but for medium-sized females the 1600 calorie diet program is also suitable provided the right food groups are chosen. Whatever combination of food groups, you have to ensure that the total calories taken in do not exceed 1600 calories. Here are the components of the food groups.
• 5 ounces of grains
• 5 ounces meat
• 4 cups dairy products
• 22 grams fats and oils
• 4 servings vegetables
• 3 servings fruits
• 132 calories of discretionary calories
You can use the 132 calorie allowance as balancing foods when you choose fatty, oily and sugary foods that went over the recommended limit. For your vegetables, you can have them cooked or raw. This food group can be integrated in soup, salads and juices. The fruits can be taken as juice, fresh as is or integrated in salads with dressings. Adhering to these foods, as well as the calorie count, you are sure of ingesting healthy 1600 calorie diet that is contributory to your weight loss goal.

The Qualities a 1600 Calorie Diet Plan Should Have

Millions of people around the globe, including many Americans, are too concerned on effective diet plans. They had become overweight. A big number of those who used the diet plans failed. The choice perhaps is not right. Are these unsuccessful weight dieters not engaged in the 1600 calorie diet?
The failure is assessed and found out that overweight people made use of the commercial weight loss regimes. People use the methods that they hear as good programs, without thinking well that they are only fad diets that are non-permanent. If you want diet plans that are effective, go for the dieting plan that limits your calorie intake to 1600 only. Take note that with this program weight loss is not expected to demonstrate fast action. The weight reduction is on staggered mode where your weight loss is diminishing over its use.
Many had experienced and got successful in their battle for weight loss through the 1600 calorie diet. This diet program has many qualities that made it a really effective plan.

Safety as a quality of 1600 calorie diet

The 1600 calorie diet is safe. A program is safe when it contains the recommended daily supply of minerals, vitamins and proteins. Your program may be deficient in calories, in this case only 1600 per day, but the diet is nutrition-filled. For women, the recommended calorie intake is 1200 which makes the 1200 calorie diet very appropriate for this gender. But for men who are bigger, the 1600 calorie diet plan is better recommended. What is most important in the safety feature is that the diet plan has no adverse side effects.

Permanent weight loss should be a feature of good low calorie diet

A second quality of a great diet plan is permanence. When implemented as prescribed, the diet plan promises a slow but a very permanent weight loss. A diet program that makes you lose weight fast in a very short time is one that does not possess this quality. You will lose weight but because your body undergoes starvation mode, you will eventually crave for foods. And the result is regaining the lost weight. You are back to where you started. Why could this be so? With your crash or fad very low calorie diet, what you lose is just the fluids in your body. As you resume eating, you regain the fluids. A good weight loss plan has a good long term approach, not a very fast one that regains the lost weight.

Other qualities of good diet plans

The two most important features of the low calorie diet that makes it a good plan are the safety and permanence attributes. These are not the only considerations. Your diet plan should give you flexibility in choosing the foods to eat. This is what the 1600 calorie diet provides. You have the freedom to eat anything provided you do not exceed the number of calories recommended under the program. Check your program also if it was prepared by reputable health professionals. Your 1600 calorie plan satisfies this criterion.
Are you now ready to indulge in a diet plan? You have to look into the 1600 calorie diet program. This is very safe. When you begin to lose weight, the dispensed pounds do not come back. And you can ensure that you will continue with the program because there is no real restriction on the kinds of foods to eat – only on the number of calories per day. Most importantly, the program is prepared and carefully studied by qualified health professionals.

A Special Guide for 1600 Calorie Diet

We often hear the word “calorie” when we think of foods and body weight. Nutritionists always refer to the calorie count when they prepare diet. And this is also an important term in the 1600 calorie diet plan that is commonly followed by people on a loss weight regimen. Furthermore, obese people are concerned about their calorie counting diet.
Consumption of lesser calories has been associated to the controlled way of eating. Thus weight losers believe that lesser calories are ingested when they do not eat enough. The big question mark in your mind is this – Is eating less the real right approach? If you are not sure of the answer, most weight loss experts will say that this is erroneous tactic. You may not be aware that ingesting too few foods will decrease your metabolism thus putting your body in the starvation mode which will not really help in your objective of reducing your weight. What is right is to eat the ideal number of calories and that the chose foods are nutrient-filled.

Counting your daily needed calories before indulging on 1600 calorie diet

Calorie counting diet could be administered effectively when you have a calorie calculator. This would be easy to do as this type of calculator can help you predict you daily calorie requirements. There are too many of this online and you are free to use one. With this instrument you can rightly estimate the needed calories of your body and eventually monitor whatever changes happen to your weight.
In relation to calorie counting, you will also need to learn how to calculate your BMR or basal metabolic rate. The BMR is an indicator of the needed calories for your normal activities. Computation of your BMR does not need any equipment as you just have to multiply your body weight by 10. This formula is applicable only when you are not engaging in more physical activities. But if you are, there are other formulas to compute BMR such as Harris Benedict formula or Katch McArdle formula.

Monitoring activities and calorie counting

The calorie calculator and the BMR are two important items when monitoring your weight loss progress. Consequently these are essential in your 1600 calorie diet regimen. As you check on the success of your goal, it is best to maintain a journal of your progress. You include in this diary a description of your daily activities – whether you are active or sedentary. This affects you BMR.
Here are descriptions of the different activity levels.
• Sedentary – Your lifestyle or job does not involve plenty of physical activities. You just sit or stand most of the time.
• Lightly active – You walk a little for your physical activity.
• Moderately active – You do some physical activity that is more than walking. You are under this category when you do household chores.
• Very active – You do more exercises.
• Extremely active – You engage in some sporting activities.
Since you can now identify your activity level, you will be able to assess the number of calories that will be needed by your body. When you are moderately active, you can concentrate your food intake to the 1600 calorie diet.

Balanced low calorie diet components

Under the 1600 calorie diet, you do not only perform calorie counting diet but you also ensure that you are eating the right healthy calories. For your 1600 calorie diet for weight loss, here is the ideal allocation of your everyday calorie intake.
• 40% of your calorie intake is carbohydrates. This could be in the form of beans, peas, and whole grains, wheat bread.
• Another 40% is protein. Your source of protein-rich foods for your diet plans should include lean meats, fish, poultry and eggs.
• The remaining 20% is unsaturated fats such as nuts and seeds.
When you go on a 1600 calorie diet, ensure that you do first your calorie counting which is affected by your physical activities, measured by BMR. Then you should know how to allocate the 1600 calories into carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

1600 Calorie Diet – Sample Menus

Try to Google weight loss plans and programs and you will come up with a wide array of choices. You have 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1600 calorie diet plans. People who are abnormally bigger in size may need to go higher to 1800 low calorie diet. The 1200 calorie count is mostly for women. Since men have bigger structure, weight and height, the 1600 count is suggested for better regimen.
As you get settled on the 1600 calorie diet program, you are now in a quandary as to how you could prepare meals that will sum up to only 1600 calories per day. This could be a hard feat especially if you are not adept on calculating the size and calorie content of a kind of food. The good thing however in this diet plan is that there is no restriction in your choice of foods. You only have to limit the calories. You can start with your calorie counting diet by listing down your favorite foods and checking the calories per serving. Remember the size of serving matters.
Under most diet programs, it is suggested that you eat five small meals a day. This means having the normal three meals and completing the five meals with two snacks.

Sample Menu No. 1 of a 1600 calorie diet

Being conditioned to eating five meals per day, you are now ready to choose food along with its quantity. This should result to a healthy low calorie diet menu and at the same time help you lose weight. Start with a breakfast of half cup of non-fat milk, a slice of melon or papaya and two hard boiled eggs. The hard boiled eggs are very filling such that your morning snack can last you till your late morning snack when you can have a large orange. Your lunch will be made up of a serving of lettuce salad, a cup of brown rice, a serving of grilled chicken breast and a cup of steamed beans. Then for your afternoon tea, you can have 5 to 6 slices of plain crackers, a medium-sized apple and a glass of orange or pineapple juice. Your final meal is dinner. So this will be made up of the residual of the 1600 calorie counting diet. You can have a baked potato, grilled lean loin lamb chop, garden salad and a cup of fresh strawberries submerged in low fat yogurt.

Sample Menu No.2 of a 1600 calorie diet

You are not supposed to stick to the first set of menu. The great thing with the 1600 calorie diet is the permission that you can eat any kind of food. For breakfast, you can have 2 poached eggs, a bagel and fat-free cream cheese. Add a cup of coffee to awaken your still sleeping senses. Your mid-morning snack is a banana and a teaspoon of natural peanut butter. Lunch comprises of 2 ounces of steamed salmon, boiled sweet potato and steamed spinach. Afternoon snack is 6 ounces cottage cheese, an apple and a small serving of almonds or walnuts. Dinner is two slices of wheat bread or a cup of brown rice, 4 ounces of sautéed lean ground beef and green salad.

Sample Menu No.3 of a 1600 calorie diet

Getting bored with the previous menus, you still have a plethora of choices. Here is another 1600 calorie diet menu. For breakfast, have a bowl of low-fat oatmeal and a medium-sized pear. Follow up your food intake with your mid-morning snacks of 2 slices of brown wheat bread, a cup of coffee and small banana. For your lunch, you can have a cup of lentils, steamed mixed vegetables, a small serving of baked turkey breast and a bowl of mushroom soup. When afternoon tea time comes, you can have a bowl of low-fat and unbuttered popcorn and a glass of fruit juice. You can also give yourself a treat and instead of fruit juice, alternate the drinks with diet soda. The last meal of the day is a serving of wheat pasta, a cup of boiled cauliflower or broccoli, 3 ounces of grilled fish and a slice of water melon.
It is indeed very easy to prepare as well as follow a 1600 calorie diet meal plan. All that is required of you is to learn the right kind and amount of foods in order to evaluate the number of calories taken in. In a very short time, you will get used to the diet. One last piece of advice – always drink plenty of water after each meal.

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