7 Day Optavia Diet Plan: Guide to Effective Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

7 Day Optavia Diet Plan: Guide to Effective Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

The Optavia diet’s main plan is to help people reduce weight and obesity by controlling portions of meals and snacks low in calories and carbohydrates. The 5&1 plan limits calories split between six portioned-controlled foods to 800-1,000 calories daily. Although the evidence is mixed, several reports have demonstrated more weight reduction of complete or partial meal replacement programs than conventional calorie-restricted diets.

The low-calorie, low-sugar, high-protein plan of the Optavia diet includes coaching assistance, which has been proven profitable, to contribute to short-term weight loss. Its long-term efficacy is uncertain, though.

  • Packaged foods provide convenience. Achieves fast weight reduction.
  • It takes away guesswork about whether to eat Offers mutual assistance.
  • The Optavia diet is a series of three plans, two of which concentrate on

 Weight reduction and better managing weight. The program’s foods are lower in calories and carbs and higher in protein to promote weight reduction. Each strategy demands that you consume at least half of your food in Optavia pre-packaged food. Since the menu calls for eating carbs, protein, and healthy fat to be eaten, it is a reasonably healthy diet for healthy food. Regarding weight reduction, experts agree that Optavia can benefit because its diet is low in calories, for the positive. Still, it’s unlikely to change your eating habits significantly. You’re likely to regain weight once you quit your diet.

Hence, Octavia’s diet has proven extremely helpful in controlling and maintaining weight. Still, when Optavia’s lean & green food merges with air frying, it can make this diet much more accessible for people to follow. Air frying food cuts the cooking time in half and makes the food more nutritious.

You can benefit greatly by following Octavia’s lean & green recipes and targeted weight reduction. There are additional advantages to the Optavia diet that can improve weight reduction and general health. Firstly, because the diet relies mainly on packaged food, it is easy to adapt. You are only responsible for cooking one meal daily on the 5&1 plan. Furthermore, each schedule comes with meal plans and sample meal plans to make things easy to execute. Since you need to prepare 1-3 Lean & Green servings daily because the kit offers unique recipes and various food selections, they are easy to make depending on the diet.

Besides, to supplement lean & green foods, many not involved in cooking should purchase prepared meals called “Flavors of Home.” Second blood pressure can also be treated via weight loss and restricted sodium consumption. Optavia programs can help improve blood pressure. Optavia can eventually help you lose excess weight. Still, it is in your best interest to develop good-for-you behaviors for long-term results and stick to a tried-and-tested balanced eating plan like changing your lifestyle for good. If anyone tries to lose weight, it is advised in the long run to care about lifestyle improvements rather than fast solutions. After all, it would help if you visited the grocery store for healthy living. As we provide a fast and straightforward meal to practice at home, you wouldn’t have to worry about the level of recipes. The Optavia Diet is meant to be followed for the short term and is designed to help people lose weight.


The Optavia Diet provides convenience as it is a convenient meal replacement that removes the guesswork for many of its dieters. The Optavia Diet, previously known as Medifast, was developed by Dr. William Vitale to encourage people to eat healthy to achieve sustainable weight loss. Under this diet regimen, dieters follow a weight plan including five fuelings daily and one lean green meal daily. One popular diet plan Optavia offers is the 5&1 plan, designed for rapid weight loss. With this diet plan, users must eat five of Optavia’s feelings and one lean and green meal daily.

With meal replacement and lean green meals, this diet is perfect for people who want to lose weight and people who want to transition from their old unhealthy habits to healthier ones. Thus, this is perfect for people who suffer from gout diabetes and those in their senior years.

Because it is a commercial diet, it has been subjected to different studies involving its efficacy. Studies have noted that people can lose weight in as little as eight weeks; therefore, this is one of the most efficient diet regimens that people can adapt and eventually embrace as part of their lifestyles.

What To Eat in Optavia Diet

Depending on your diet plan, you must eat several lean and green meals comprised mainly of lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables. Although this diet regimen is not as restrictive as others, plenty of foods comply with this diet, including healthy fats. Thus, below are the types of foods that you can eat while following the Optavia Diet.

  • Optavia fuelings: The Optavia Diet is famous for its Optavia fuelings, which involve pre-packaged foods that dieters can eat. More than 60 soups, shakes, bars, and other fueling products you can consume as your meal replacements.
  •  Lean meats: Lean and green meals require making foods from lean meats. There are three categories of lean meats identified by Optavia, including (1) lean, (2) leaner, and (3) leanest. Lean meats include salmon, pork chops, and lamb, while leaner meats include chicken breasts and swordfish. The leanest meats include egg whites, shrimp, and cod.
  • Green and non-starchy vegetables: Non-starchy vegetables are further identified as (1) lower carb, (2) moderate carb, and (3) higher carb.
  • Lower carbs include all types of salad greens and green leafy vegetables. Moderate-carb vegetables include summer squash and cauliflower. Lastly, high-carb vegetables include peppers and broccoli.
  • Healthy fats: Healthy fats are encouraged for people who follow the Optavia Diet. These include healthy fats like olive, walnut, flaxseed, and avocado. However, consuming two servings of healthy fats is essential to keep up with the Optavia Diet.
  • Others: Once dieters can achieve their weight loss goals through meal replacements, they can start consuming other foods to maintain their ideal weight. These include low-fat dairy, fresh fruits, and whole grains.

You can also consume meatless alternatives, including 2 cups of egg substitute and 5 ounces of seitan. You are allowed to drink 1 ½ cups of 1% cottage cheese and 12 ounces of non-fat Greek yogurt for low-fat dairy.

7 Day Optavia Diet Plan

Day 1Optavia Fueling (Shake)Carrot SticksOptavia Fueling (Soup)Cucumber SlicesLean & Green Meal (Chicken)Optavia Fueling (Bar)
Day 2Optavia Fueling (Oatmeal)Celery SticksLean & Green Meal (Salmon)Optavia Fueling (Bar)Optavia Fueling (Shake)Cherry Tomatoes
Day 3Optavia Fueling (Pancakes)Bell Pepper SlicesLean & Green Meal (Turkey)Optavia Fueling (Bar)Lean & Green Meal (Beef)Optavia Fueling (Soup)
Day 4Lean & Green Meal (Eggs)Optavia Fueling (Bar)Optavia Fueling (Soup)Cucumber SlicesLean & Green Meal (Pork)Baby Carrots
Day 5Optavia Fueling (Shake)Cherry TomatoesLean & Green Meal (Chicken)Optavia Fueling (Bar)Optavia Fueling (Oatmeal)Celery Sticks
Day 6Lean & Green Meal (Salmon)Optavia Fueling (Soup)Optavia Fueling (Shake)Bell Pepper SlicesLean & Green Meal (Turkey)Optavia Fueling (Bar)
Day 7Optavia Fueling (Pancakes)Baby CarrotsLean & Green Meal (Beef)Optavia Fueling (Soup)Lean & Green Meal (Eggs)Cherry Tomatoes