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Ever since I can remember, I had problems with my weight.  As an obese kid, many people thought it was cute. However, while growing up as a teenager, it was not so cute anymore as my peers started teasing me about those extra pounds. During my 20s, being overweight was definitely a disadvantage in the dating game. Men prefer those women with hour glass figures over the fat ones like me. Now, as a middle age woman, the more embarrassing situations have become.  I could not wear the perfect swimsuit that I have been eyeing without the perfect weight to complement the beach wear.  It is embarrassing to sunbathe with those sagging extra pounds.  Shopping has also become a taxing experience.

Awful experience

Those fashionable dresses suited for slim fit women are just considered as dream wear for plus-sized people like me. I can still picture the quizzical look of sales ladies as I ask them to get hold of a dress size that would fit me just fine. Even fitting into an airline economy seat has been an embarrassment.  People stare as I try to squeeze through the airline aisle and try to fit into the economy class seats.  Even fitting in a crowded elevator has been a burden.  People inside look my way as the elevator sign flashes the overload signal.  I have even shied away from reunions as the weight topic might come up. I can just envision those high school bullies still trying to stare and backbite how fatter I have become over the years that have passed.  Relatives during reunion would also remind me to go easy on the dessert or have some other mean remarks about my being overweight. For a middle age woman like me, it is not a walk in the park to be obese. Society could be harsh. People could be so judgmental.

The Solution I Found – Low Calorie Diet

At one time or another you may have also felt what I have felt during these awkward situations brought about by being overweight. You too might have felt embarrassed. You too might have felt anxious. You too might have felt hopeless.  The good news is that all these are a thing of the past now.  The 1200 calorie diet is the answer to all frustrations of the overweight population.  I know because I have been like you before. At first, I felt that losing those extra pounds for good is just impossible.  I felt that I would just backtrack with my weight loss plan. I though that losing weight would mean starving myself to death.  The 1200 calorie diet changed all my negative perceptions about losing weight.  I began to realize that this diet is a sustainable way of living even for obese people who have been accustomed to large amounts of food consumption.  The 1200 calorie diet makes you lose weight in a healthy way. It gives hope to millions of people who have the same problem.  These people may have consistently tried to shed those extra pounds but have lost in their battle. With the 1200 calorie diet in place, now is the time to be optimistic that you can finally meet the weight loss challenge head on.

Download 1200 Calories Meal Plan PDF

The 1200 calorie diet has been around for a long time now. Simply put, the system tells people to eat a maximum of 1200 calories per day. This is actually the average amount of calories a person can eat and still have the energy during the day – without any additional fat building up.

Of course, the average processed food today may contain hundreds of calories in just one serving. The fact that they also contain significantly lesser nutrients makes them ineffective as part of the menu. For those who are thinking about adapting this diet program, the following are some techniques on how to go about it.

Journy Of Anetta

1200 Calorie Diet – The Basal Metabolic Rate

Basal metabolic rate is basically the amount of energy needed by a person to keep their bodily functions running. Although the BMR usually varies from one person to another, 1200 is usually the average amount. Hence, people would need to make sure that they are eating enough to sustain their daily needs without the intake of extra calories. Let’s say a person eats around 2000 calories that day and the BMR is only around 1200 calories. Even if they burn off 1500 calories that day due to physical activity, there’s still 500 calories to worry about and would most likely turn into fat. Hence, the 1200 calorie diet prevents this from happening by eliminating any extra calories that could get stuck in the body. Of course, eating lower than 1200 calories would cause under nutrition which is not a good way to lose weight.

Staying Healthy

This diet may be too much for most people but it could actually add up without anyone noticing. For example, a slice of cake could be anywhere around five hundred to a thousand calories – maybe even more. Hence, eating two slices could definitely ruin the diet and leave a person going hungry for the rest of the day. Healthy Eating is one of the key for weight loss.
This is why the proponents of this diet also advocate the inclusion of natural food in a person’s diet. Not only is this more nutritious but natural food types contain less calories. Hence, a person could literally feel full with two pieces of apple and not even exceed half of the 1200 calorie diet requirement.

Advantages of the Diet Program

According to the authorities, the best way to approach this diet program is by ensuring that each food group is included in the menu. For example, a person could eat bread, a fruit and some chicken to have carbohydrates, protein and some vitamins in their body. This ensures that the essential nutrients are not left out even as the body starts to burn off more and more calories.

The beauty of this diet program is that it doesn’t restrict a person about what they should rather, how much they should eat. Hence, people can still eat their favourite food once in a while as long as they stick to the system.

Tips for 1200 Calories Diet

Make a 1200 Calorie Diet List

Create a list including all favorite foods – as much as possible restricting them to fruits and vegetables. Once a list is made, start creating a plan using these items and have them integrated with the diet program. One good way to ensure a balanced meal is making sure that the items included in the diet plan are healthy. For example, when choosing something with carbohydrates for breakfast and for lunch, you can go for anything filled with protein. The point is that these foods should contain various nutrients and minerals while staying within the 1200 calorierange.

Extend the Plan

It’s not enough to get on the 1200 Calorie systemonly for a day. You need to go further and stay on the diet plan for about a week or even a month if possible. This way, you wouldn’t have to find yourself wondering on how to approach the systemthe next day. Keeping weight off is one of the most important thing in your plan.

Use the Internet

Of course, most people do not memorize the amount of calories each food has. Fortunately, this can be easily solved by going online and checking out the nutritional value of items for this kind of diet program. Some people even create a food diary where they list down the calories of their favorite food so that they wouldn’t have to use internet throughout the 1200 calorie diet program.

Get a Pre-Made DietPlan

Of course, the easiest way to follow the diet is to get a free plan online. This menu would show a person exactly what and how much they should each for each day. Some plans extend as long as one week and provides various options so that people wouldn’t grow tired of the same food.

Calorie in Juices

A lot of people think that the calories in juice drinks are negligible; but the truth is that, they can be as bad as solid food. Hence, don’t forget to factor in the juice drinks, or at least, stick to drinking water.

Of course, the 1200 calorie diet plan does not come without complications. Ideally, people who use the plan should be given the approval of the doctor as the system can be dangerous long term for someone with complications. Keep in mind that the natural food types would be better included in the 1200 calorie diet techniques because they provide more nutrients and minerals in the long run.

A Warning

This diet program is intended for people who are physically healthy and only intend to lose weight. However, those whohave heart problems and other complications would best skip the diet program and try out another diet method to help them shed off the pounds. Try asking the doctor about using the 1200 calorie diabetic diet and its health risks before implementation.


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